Fishing for Tarpon, Red Snapper, Snook, Redfish and Trout

Inshore Species

Inshore or Back Bay Fishing as some people refer to it is some of the most fun fishing around, providing multiple opportunities at Florida’s most sought after game fish. We mainly target Snook, Redfish, Trout and Tarpon depending on the time of year.


• Known as the “Silver King” • One of Florida’s most sought after gamefish • Fights can last as long as 2 hours • A beautiful experience seeing several hundred fish rolling at once • Acrobatic • Can weigh over 200lbs and be 6ft long • Typically fish for them on the beach, near the passes, and in deep channels


• Hard fighting and fun to catch • Lives around mangrove shorelines and oyster bars • Can be caught on live and dead bait • Can grow to 30 lbs and over 40 inches long


• Another one of Florida’s most sought after gamefish • Live along mangrove shorelines, oyster bars, deep channels with structure and even right on the beach where the water meets the sand • Snook eat numerous types of live and dead bait • Snook can grow to over 45inches and weigh upwards of 25lb


• Live on the grass flats and near deep mangrove shorelines until mid-spring when they move to the beach to spawn • Caught on live bait and artificial lures


• Typically caught on live bait or artificial lures • We fish for them in the passes or on deeper grass flats • Provide a lot of action and make excellent shark and tarpon bait • Great for families with little kids


• There are numerous types of sharks that can be caught in our inshore water ways, including bull sharks, great hammerheads, lemon sharks and black tips. • When shark fishing we target deep channels, passes and nearshore wrecks and reefs